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How Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Can Help You Lose Fat

Fighting Obesity in New Zealand with Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Products

Obesity in New Zealand has become a serious health concern: whilst we are behind other world-leaders in fat, there’s no denying that unhealthy levels of body fat have been continually growing over the past 100 years and we’re catching up to other countries like the United States and Mexico. Whilst many diet supplement companies are attempting to solve this problem by selling low-quality supplements that contain harsh laxatives and chemicals, the Isagenix 30-day challenge and our product line provide a great way to reduce your calorie intake, boost nutrients and contribute to a healthier, faster fat loss process.

This article is going to give you a total explanation and practical guide to losing weight with Isagenix – especially fat. You don’t need the scientific details, you need practical weight loss advice that you can implement immediately, and we have all the information you need.

Eat Less, Eat Better

Diet is the most important part of weight loss: if you eat fewer calories than you use, you’re going to lose weight. It is totally possible to do no exercise and still lose a significant amount of weight by simply improving your diet and eating fewer calories than your body uses in a day. The TDEE is how many calories your body uses in a day and calculators can provide a rough estimate – eat less than this number and you’ll lose weight.

Eating better foods is a simpler solution than most people seem to think (probably due to the fitness industry over-complicating the process). The process can be boiled down to some very simple principles about food and nutrition that you can follow: protein, fats, carbs

  • Proteins: eat more high-quality protein sources (such as Salmon, eggs, Isagenix protein shakes, chicken breast or ground turkey).
  • Fats: aim for a balance of 2:1 or greater between healthy unsaturated and saturated fats. Things like olive oil and cod liver oil are great unsaturated fats, whereas coconut oil and animal fats provide healthy saturated fats.
  • Carbohydrates: eat less sugar, eat more fibre, make sure that the majority of your carbohydrates come from unprocessed plant sources such as potatoes, whole grains and brown rice.
  • Nutrients: your body needs vitamins and minerals for maximum efficiency in functioning and performance. This includes fat loss, to ensure that you are consuming enough high-quality vitamins and minerals by eating a wide variety of fruit and veg.
  • Hydration: water regulates almost every process in the body and is said to combat bloating and keep the digestive system healthy. If you don’t have water with you at all times, you should change that!

Isagenix Weight Loss Supplements

Isagenix Weight Loss supplements are a great way of helping you achieve your weight loss goals. There are many benefits of being weight loss supplement programs.

  • Routine and a food plan: Isagenix meal plans are simple and easy to follow. You don’t need to spend time working out what you’re going to eat or how many calories are in the food. No calorie counting! It also makes it a lot easier for you to stay on track of your diet.
  • Avoid overeating: Since everything is already planned out for you, you don’t need to worry about portion size of each meal so you’re not overfilling your plate or eating in-between meals when your digestive system is working hard to process your last meal.
  • Everything your body needs: Get the right amount of Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates and Nutrients your body needs for optimal health.
  • Minimise cravings: A 30-Day Weight Loss Pack will help stop your cravings for other bad food since your body is getting everything it needs.
  • Helps with exercise: Fuelling your body with the right nutrients will help unlock the energy you need to lead a more active lifestyle.

Isagenix products come in many different packages to suit your goals. Loss fat, gain muscle, increase energy or simply feel healthy from the inside out. Buy Isagenix in New Zealand from Nutritional Cleansing and receive your Isagenix products shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door with our simple online checkout.

Move More, Move faster

We’ve already said that exercise is an important contributor – though not necessary – for weight loss.However, is easier with a lot of high-intensity, prolonged exercise because it regulates the hormones and metabolism, whilst burning calories and improving metabolic efficiency. The best kind of exercise for weight loss is a mixture of strength and power training, followed by high-intensity interval training.

Strength and power training – against external resistance (weights, etc.) – are fantastic for increasing the overall metabolic rate by building muscle. Power training also has a large nervous system component, making it metabolically expensive. High-intensity interval training is a form of endurance exercise involving periods of high-intensity and low-intensity exercise and has been proven to consume calories more rapidly and, thus, burn far more efficiently than regular endurance exercise like running or cycling.

Sleep More, Sleep Better

Maximum sleep isn’t essential for weight loss, but it is key to healthy and optimal weight loss. Sleeping is a way for the body to focus on using resources to heal itself – with muscle protein synthesis making up 20% of your overall metabolic rate – and hormones are essential to determining how, and how much, fat will be burned to make up for calorie shortfall.

8 hours a day is a minimum for a reason (even 1 hour less sleep can result in 17% short-term testosterone reduction), and this sleep should be of high quality, meaning that it should occur in a cool room with as little artificial light as possible, a whilst well-hydrated and fed.


Being on a weight loss journey can be very difficult and could possibly be dangers if you are taking the incorrect supplements or not giving your body everything it needs, Follow these simples tips with the Isagenix program and you will achieve your weight loss goals in no time.

What to Do (and What NOT to Do) When Remodeling Your Bathroom


We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms getting ready, cleaning ourselves, and doing some very private things. It is an essential room to our home. Bathrooms should be pleasant and relaxing. Taking a shower before bed after a long day should be a positive experience. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, take these dos and don’ts into account.

DO Assess What Needs To Be Done and Make a Plan

It is very important before you order parts or go to your nearest home supply store, make a plan. Assess what needs to be done. You may have parts of your bathroom that NEED to be remodeled and parts that you WANT to remodel. Assess what your budget will allow for, and try to stick to that.

DON’T Plan To Move Plumbing or Ventilation

If you do need to move the plumbing or ventilation, consider calling an expert to help, but know it is a very big and expensive job. If you attempt to do it on your own, you may cause more problems than what the move is worth.

DO Consider Making More Room for Storage

All bathrooms could use more storage. The less that is out on your counters and shelves, the more relaxing your bathroom will be. Find interesting and creative ways to have more storage such as shelves on the inside of cabinet doors, a medicine cabinet that is hidden from guests view, or a space-efficient closet to hold all your supplies.

DON’T Forget About Proper Lighting

Lighting in the bathroom can make or break it. Go to the home supply store and take into account the different effects of a variety of lighting fixtures. Find something that is soothing, but can also give enough light. Also, consider putting a light in the shower. It is important to be able to see when you are washing or shaving. Put the light over the sink and the shower light on different switches so you can control. It is also nice to consider lighting that can be adjusted instead of just on or off.

DO Consider Saving Water with New Faucets

There have been so many improvements made on fixtures that can help save water and electricity. If you are remodelling your bathroom, consider some of these new innovative options. It will actually save you money in the long run to find a faucet and shower head that will allow you to conserve water. This is especially helpful if your home has a well. To run out of water is a nightmare.

DON’T Do It Yourself If You’re Not Qualified

DIY is up-and-coming. Many people choose to remodel their homes on their own because it is cheaper and more meaningful when you do something instead of calling the experts. While this is true, do not do something that you are truly not qualified for. It can leave you injured or leave a bigger problem than what you started with. Have belief in yourself, but also be realistic. Look to friends who have more knowledge than you or consider calling in a professional.

Remodeling your bathroom, or any room in your house can be exciting. Make sure to do it properly so that you do not end up creating a bigger project than what you intended. If you do it right the first time, it will last longer and be worth it in the end.

Tips for concrete removal in Melbourne

If you are looking for someone you can hire for concrete removal in Melbourne, you should first educate yourself about everything you need to know about breaking up concrete. Being able to know how it works will help you in making a good decision.

Concrete Removal - Melbourne Victoria

Here are some tips on concrete removal that you should always keep in mind:

  • Make sure that you know what is under the surface of the concrete before you decide to break it up and let the workers start the project. If you have noticed that there are just concrete on the bottom edges of the concrete pad, then you can conclude that the amount of concrete used is minimised and it can be easier to break up. You can either do it by yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.
  • However, if you have found wire instead of overflowing concrete just beneath the surface, it just means that the job should be quite You will be needed a reciprocating saw in cutting the wire so that you can still demolish the concrete. Cutting the wire is essential because it helps the workers to do their work much easier and when they are near to completion of the task, all they need to do is to pick up the remaining wire to remove it all.
  • Make sure that you also cut the re-bar, especially if it’s been attached to the foundation of the house. You can use the reciprocating saw again and make sure that you tell the workers that when cutting the re-bar, as much as possible, it should be very close to the wall.
  • As much as possible, let them use a spud bar in the process of breaking the concrete up and pair it with a jackhammer. Tell them that it’s so much better just to jam the end of the spud bar that is formed using the jackhammer. After that, they should use their both hands in using the leverage in prying large chunks of the concrete from the pad underneath to complete the removal.
  • Always tell them that they should be extra careful when they are lifting larger chunks of the concrete because it usually leads to serious injuries. In lifting it up, one must start to bend straight down at the knees and he will be using his both legs in lifting it up, do not use the back because it can make an awkward position, and you’ll not be comfortable lifting it up aside from the fact that you might find it hard to.
  • Also, orient your workers that it doesn’t matter if the concrete is about to fall, tell them not to save it anymore because it can cause some serious injuries. It’s okay to spend a little bit more time in picking up the pieces of concrete than trying to save it and risking their safety while they are working. The last thing that you wanted to experience is getting your workers injured while they are working.

Important: If you are unsure of the regulations for removing or disposing of concrete, make sure to check out your state’s laws and regulations.


Thanks for reading my 6 tips for concrete removal. For more information speak to a specialist concrete removal provider about the best way to dispose of concrete in your area.

4 Reasons To Use offsite Storage when Renovating Your House

An extensive renovation allows you to part ways with old things that you have accumulated around the house, rethink the entire layout of your property, add new structures and improve existing ones, and make other necessary changes to feel happier and more relaxed in your own environment.

Crusader Storage Perth

4 Reasons Why Counting on Onsite Storage during Renovations Is Not a Good Call

Wondering how you could simplify the extreme home makeover that you’re working on without exceeding your allocated budget? Here’s an idea that you may actually enjoy: achieve your goal by renting affordable offsite storage. Believe it or not, onsite storage is not exactly the best available option, especially for those who are involved in complex remodelling processes. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t count on onsite storage when renovating your house or apartment.

  1. Because Things Can (and Eventually Will) Get Messy.

    For starters, think about the fact that you would have to prep a spare room where you could store all your valuables. In theory, this may sound like a solid plan; however, any individual who has already tested this strategy will tell you that dust and debris always find a way to sneak under the covers that you’ve placed on top of your boxed items, forcing you to invest time and energy into a labour-intensive post-renovation cleanup.

  2. Because You Shouldn’t Be Living at Home in the First Place.

    home being renovated with belongingsAny experienced contractor will advise you to take some time off work and go on a relaxing vacation while a team of experts are taking your property to a whole new level of greatness. While enjoying a much-needed getaway, you will manage to avoid all the dust and dirt linked to construction work, which could easily lead to respiratory problems and allergies. If you won’t live at home, then why bother storing your things onsite when you can keep them inside a safe, clean and secure offsite storage unit?

  3. Offsite Storage Allows Better Organisation.

    Moreover, think about how long it would take you to gather all your things, put them in boxes, label each container and find the perfect spot for each category of goods inside your home. Take the easy way out, and opt for the prompt, professional services of an offsite self storage provider that could also ensure free pick-ups, allowing you to save time and money and stay focused on your remodelling work.

    Many Storage centres provide above and beyond services including free truck rental, boxes and packaging to help you get your belongings safely to and from the storage facility. When we used Crusader Storage when requiring an affordable Perth storage facility, they gave us everything we needed. This saved us time, money and was extra convenient.

  4. Because Onsite Storage Involves More Work.

    Aside from being tedious, storing goods onsite can also be an inconvenient move for various reasons. For starters, with so many strangers inside your house, you may feel the need to add locks to your door and windows to prevent unauthorised access. Also, you may have to invest in a personalised storage system comprising shelves or racks, and buy covers that you could use to protect furniture, walls and flooring from spills. Offsite storage eliminates the need for all these expensive additions, enabling you to keep costs in check and redirect all your resources towards the home improvements that you have in mind.

Thanks for reading my four tips covering what you can do with belongings while renovating your home. For more articles, visit the home page.

Have a great day and happy renovating!

10 Reasons Trav’s Trees Recommend You Remove Your Tree Stumps.

Travis at Trav’s Tree Services in Melbourne has been my go-to Arborist for everything from Tree Removal in my backyard to our most recent job, removing an old tree stump so we can install a fence.

Tree Stump Removal

Trav’s Trees Advice on Tree Stump Removal

While chatting with Travis I asked him if he could give me 10 reasons to remove your old tree stumps so I could feature it on my blog. These are the 10 reasons Travis from Trav’s Tree Services recommends you always opt for tree stump removal over leaving your old stumps in the ground.

When thinking about remodeling and changing the scenery of your back or front lawn, trees are a very important thing to keep in mind. They are an essential part of any environment, providing us with many benefits and keeping us safe, as well as creating a beautiful scenery in the concrete jungle that is the modern cityscape.

Apart from their vital roles in the ecosystem, sometimes trees can unfortunately become obstructions in the way of different types of development. Landscaping for example might require the move or cut down of trees, while some old stumps can potentially become hazards for people and property. If that’s the case, said greenery can be removed by professionals, making sure the best actions are taken, both for the people and the fauna. But sometimes, removal means cutting down the trunk and leaving the stump.

Surely, we’ve all seen such remnants turned into works of art, and they can be both impressive and wildly creative. But when the stumps need to go as well, that’s when the problems arise.

Tree stump removal

Heavy Equipment removing a tree stumpDepending on the company you work with, some of the professionals in the tree maintenance business would usually leave the root, for one of various reasons:

  • It is much harder to dig it out than just cutting down the tree
  • It is a costlier procedure
  • In involves a lot of work, which might not be included in the cost of the initial operation
  • It can sometimes involve landscaping aspects, which might not be covered by the company
  • It involves specialized equipment, that some companies might not have

When this happens, the decision to leave the stump or remove it should be based on a few key aspects:

  • Is it dangerous to anyone?
  • Is it in the way?
  • Can it become some sort of obstacle?
  • Does it take up important space?

Usually, the older the stump is, the easier it can be removed. A younger tree means more powerful and even longer roots, while an older tree’s roots might even be rotten in some places, helping with the removal. Its size is also an important factor, because a small tree will obviously leave behind an easier to remove stump.

Ways to remove a tree stump

In case you feel you could remove a stump yourself, here are some DIY methods that can help you in this endeavour.

  • Grind it away
  • Burn it (not recommended)
  • Dig it out
  • Use special chemicals to destroy it
  • Accelerate its rotting process

Why should a tree stump be removed?

cutting a tree stump at ground levelAs mentioned before, a stump can become an obstruction, depending on location, age, the space it takes up and so on. There are various reasons why people might want a stump gone, and unless you feel like transforming it into a beautiful work of art, chances are it will just take up space, unnecessarily.


All this considered, here are the top 10 reasons why a tree stump should be removed:

  1. It can be dangerous. As stated above, depending on the tree’s age and size, as well as its location, a stump can become hazardous for people and animal life.
  2. It can be in the way of a developing project or any landscaping endeavour you might have.
  3. It can take up quite a lot of space.
  4. Some of them can look unpleasant, depending on their location.
  5. It might become an occasional or recurring obstacle.
  6. Depending on the initial tree, some stumps might even grow into a new tree, and if you really wanted that initial greenery out of the way, this might be an anticlimactic situation.
  7. Following the same idea as above, stumps can steal nutrients from the soil, hindering the development of other plants as well.
  8. Depending on its age and rot degree, it can become a breeding ground for insects and other vermin.
  9. It can even damage different tools. Depending on its location, size and density, these stumps can damage gardening tools and equipment, if forgotten.
  10. They can harbour diseases, which might in turn affect other plant life, or even humans.

Therefore, a tree stump can become a big problem for many people. Considering all the factors mentioned here, in case you decide that leftover stump is more of an obstacle than anything in your garden, you might want to assess the situation and either try one of the aforementioned methods of removal or call in a professional like Travis Garden that can provide professional tree stump removal for you.

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When Should One Rely on the Services Provided by a Team of Removalists?

Whether you’re storing your belongings to make room for renovations or strive to accommodate your equipment and supplies into a more spacious storage center, you could simplify the entire process by counting on the support of a team of local removalists just as I have in the past.

Removal team moving furniture in preperation for Renovations

A moving company can reduce the stress associated with any big move, making it easier for you to adapt to your new environment and reorganize your personal effects in your own time.

Wondering if you should pack and ship your office or household contents on your own, or with help from professional removalists? If so, here are a few situations when you could definitely appreciate a helping hand offered by punctual, dependable movers.

When You Have Very Little Time on Your Hands.

Generally speaking, big moves are always stressful because they compel people to focus on so many laborious aspects, such as packing, labelling, organizing and shipping. All these steps can put a lot of pressure on the shoulders of busy professionals. If you feel that your lack of spare time could stand in the way of your big move, don’t hesitate to call a few local moving companies, request quotes, compare rates and services, and choose the one that best responds to your needs and requirements.

When You Have to Pack and Ship Piles and Piles of Household Contents.

Aside from transporting your belongings with respect and care, movers can also offer you valuable packing tips that could help you prevent damages, as well as theft. Moreover, a respectable moving company may also facilitate your access to quality packaging materials, making it easier for you to clear up your site in no time, and re-organize your contents inside your new environment with less effort.

Removalists Perth

When You Want to Turn Your Big Move into a Pleasant Experience.

Lack of experience, time and/or energy are some of the most common elements that could turn a big move into a real nightmare and an inexhaustible source of stress. If you also see these factors as an imminent threat, take the shortest, safest road to a pleasant moving experience by calling a trusted removal company. The best solution for any removal project is only one call away. As soon as you contact them, professional movers can offer you a quote, and provide convenient same-day service to eliminate the stress that normally comes with moving into a new home or office. Reliable removalists in Australia have everything covered-from pick-up to delivery. By discussing your options with a team of specialists you could implement a step-by-step relocation plan that will help you save time and money at the same time.

Whether you’re interested in finding affordable interstate removal solutions or wish to transport your personal effects to smaller towns near you, choose to count on the support of professional household contents removal experts who could help you organise, pack and ship your belongings in the most satisfying manner, turning even the most complicated move into an enjoyable experience.

Tips and Tricks for Small Space Renovation

A small flat or house often feels like it’s always cluttered. Trying to move around and make space for the things you love and the things you love to do is difficult when you don’t have much space to store anything. By getting a bit creative and learning a few tips and tricks, you can add more space to your home and gain the ability to de-clutter once and for all.

Discover the Problem Areas

Where are you storing the majority of your things? Is there a pile of stuff in one place that keeps accumulating? We all have that spot in our homes where we throw the dirty clothes or keep the linens in a heap because we say we’ll fold them later. When you don’t have the space for everything you do and need, it can cause a hopeless feeling that lets you keep making the problem worse. Why put things away when you know they’re going to cause a mess later? If you have specific places for things and the means to organize, it will give you more of a reason to keep it up.

What Are Your Organizational Needs?

The problem areas of your home let you discover where you can stand to have more organization. There are some simple solutions you can employ to keep things in order and enjoy a clutter free space.

  • organised closetLook into closet organizers to get shoes and bags off the floor and stop those piles from accumulating all the time
  • Use a coffee table or ottoman that has storage underneath for things like blankets, magazines, and other living room or entertainment items
  • Put shelves into kitchen cabinets to organize pots and pans, food storage containers, and the many lids to everything that appear to multiply
  • Build shelves up instead of only using bookcases to store books and nick knacks. There are several kinds of creative shelving options that can be hung on walls and built upwards

Opening Your Space

Though it seems drastic, the best way to create a larger space in your home may be to knock down a wall and open up the floor plan. This isn’t something you should do on your own and it is imperative that you check with your homeowner’s association or landlord before you do anything. Consider the possibilities, learn what the rules are for altering your space, and find a construction company or contractor that can do it right. Your landlord or homeowner’s association may have a list of appropriate professionals that can help.

Add Some Colour and Personalize

adding colorOrganizing your space is one thing but you can also spruce up the place you live by adding some brightness and letting in some light. Adding window treatments, colourful wallpaper, or decorative touches are all good ways to make your space a lot more comfortable. These little things give you more reasons to want to keep your home looking good so that you don’t end up falling back into old patterns and letting the clutter build up again.

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