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What to Do (and What NOT to Do) When Remodeling Your Bathroom


We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms getting ready, cleaning ourselves, and doing some very private things. It is an essential room to our home. Bathrooms should be pleasant and relaxing. Taking a shower before bed after a long day should be a positive experience. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, take these dos and don’ts into account.

DO Assess What Needs To Be Done and Make a Plan

It is very important before you order parts or go to your nearest home supply store, make a plan. Assess what needs to be done. You may have parts of your bathroom that NEED to be remodeled and parts that you WANT to remodel. Assess what your budget will allow for, and try to stick to that.

DON’T Plan To Move Plumbing or Ventilation

If you do need to move the plumbing or ventilation, consider calling an expert to help, but know it is a very big and expensive job. If you attempt to do it on your own, you may cause more problems than what the move is worth.

DO Consider Making More Room for Storage

All bathrooms could use more storage. The less that is out on your counters and shelves, the more relaxing your bathroom will be. Find interesting and creative ways to have more storage such as shelves on the inside of cabinet doors, a medicine cabinet that is hidden from guests view, or a space-efficient closet to hold all your supplies.

DON’T Forget About Proper Lighting

Lighting in the bathroom can make or break it. Go to the home supply store and take into account the different effects of a variety of lighting fixtures. Find something that is soothing, but can also give enough light. Also, consider putting a light in the shower. It is important to be able to see when you are washing or shaving. Put the light over the sink and the shower light on different switches so you can control. It is also nice to consider lighting that can be adjusted instead of just on or off.

DO Consider Saving Water with New Faucets

There have been so many improvements made on fixtures that can help save water and electricity. If you are remodelling your bathroom, consider some of these new innovative options. It will actually save you money in the long run to find a faucet and shower head that will allow you to conserve water. This is especially helpful if your home has a well. To run out of water is a nightmare.

DON’T Do It Yourself If You’re Not Qualified

DIY is up-and-coming. Many people choose to remodel their homes on their own because it is cheaper and more meaningful when you do something instead of calling the experts. While this is true, do not do something that you are truly not qualified for. It can leave you injured or leave a bigger problem than what you started with. Have belief in yourself, but also be realistic. Look to friends who have more knowledge than you or consider calling in a professional.

Remodeling your bathroom, or any room in your house can be exciting. Make sure to do it properly so that you do not end up creating a bigger project than what you intended. If you do it right the first time, it will last longer and be worth it in the end.

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