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10 Reasons Trav’s Trees Recommend You Remove Your Tree Stumps.

Travis at Trav’s Tree Services in Melbourne has been my go-to Arborist for everything from Tree Removal in my backyard to our most recent job, removing an old tree stump so we can install a fence.

Tree Stump Removal

Trav’s Trees Advice on Tree Stump Removal

While chatting with Travis I asked him if he could give me 10 reasons to remove your old tree stumps so I could feature it on my blog. These are the 10 reasons Travis from Trav’s Tree Services recommends you always opt for tree stump removal over leaving your old stumps in the ground.

When thinking about remodeling and changing the scenery of your back or front lawn, trees are a very important thing to keep in mind. They are an essential part of any environment, providing us with many benefits and keeping us safe, as well as creating a beautiful scenery in the concrete jungle that is the modern cityscape.

Apart from their vital roles in the ecosystem, sometimes trees can unfortunately become obstructions in the way of different types of development. Landscaping for example might require the move or cut down of trees, while some old stumps can potentially become hazards for people and property. If that’s the case, said greenery can be removed by professionals, making sure the best actions are taken, both for the people and the fauna. But sometimes, removal means cutting down the trunk and leaving the stump.

Surely, we’ve all seen such remnants turned into works of art, and they can be both impressive and wildly creative. But when the stumps need to go as well, that’s when the problems arise.

Tree stump removal

Heavy Equipment removing a tree stumpDepending on the company you work with, some of the professionals in the tree maintenance business would usually leave the root, for one of various reasons:

  • It is much harder to dig it out than just cutting down the tree
  • It is a costlier procedure
  • In involves a lot of work, which might not be included in the cost of the initial operation
  • It can sometimes involve landscaping aspects, which might not be covered by the company
  • It involves specialized equipment, that some companies might not have

When this happens, the decision to leave the stump or remove it should be based on a few key aspects:

  • Is it dangerous to anyone?
  • Is it in the way?
  • Can it become some sort of obstacle?
  • Does it take up important space?

Usually, the older the stump is, the easier it can be removed. A younger tree means more powerful and even longer roots, while an older tree’s roots might even be rotten in some places, helping with the removal. Its size is also an important factor, because a small tree will obviously leave behind an easier to remove stump.

Ways to remove a tree stump

In case you feel you could remove a stump yourself, here are some DIY methods that can help you in this endeavour.

  • Grind it away
  • Burn it (not recommended)
  • Dig it out
  • Use special chemicals to destroy it
  • Accelerate its rotting process

Why should a tree stump be removed?

cutting a tree stump at ground levelAs mentioned before, a stump can become an obstruction, depending on location, age, the space it takes up and so on. There are various reasons why people might want a stump gone, and unless you feel like transforming it into a beautiful work of art, chances are it will just take up space, unnecessarily.


All this considered, here are the top 10 reasons why a tree stump should be removed:

  1. It can be dangerous. As stated above, depending on the tree’s age and size, as well as its location, a stump can become hazardous for people and animal life.
  2. It can be in the way of a developing project or any landscaping endeavour you might have.
  3. It can take up quite a lot of space.
  4. Some of them can look unpleasant, depending on their location.
  5. It might become an occasional or recurring obstacle.
  6. Depending on the initial tree, some stumps might even grow into a new tree, and if you really wanted that initial greenery out of the way, this might be an anticlimactic situation.
  7. Following the same idea as above, stumps can steal nutrients from the soil, hindering the development of other plants as well.
  8. Depending on its age and rot degree, it can become a breeding ground for insects and other vermin.
  9. It can even damage different tools. Depending on its location, size and density, these stumps can damage gardening tools and equipment, if forgotten.
  10. They can harbour diseases, which might in turn affect other plant life, or even humans.

Therefore, a tree stump can become a big problem for many people. Considering all the factors mentioned here, in case you decide that leftover stump is more of an obstacle than anything in your garden, you might want to assess the situation and either try one of the aforementioned methods of removal or call in a professional like Travis Garden that can provide professional tree stump removal for you.

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